Welcome to the MDMN Blog

Welcome to the MDMN Blog

MDMN Blog provides investor due diligence and commentary regarding Medinah Minerals.

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AURYN to make offer on LDM / NUOCO Project

One last update from the MDMN Blog.   If you haven’t seen it, AURYN Mining has come up with their own website too. AURYN Mining They have announced they will be making a firm offer to purchase the LDM / NUOCO claims. They have put together a nice powerpoint deck on the ADL project.


MDMN Blog is Shutting Down

Now that drilling has commenced and Medinah Minerals is beginning to actively manage its website and keep shareholders informed,  MDMN Blog has decided to shut down.  In addition, we have decided to turn over our social media channels to Medinah Minerals to help them get a fast start in that area. Thank you for following us. In addition to keep your eye on Medinah’s official website, please follow the official Medinah Minerals twitter page and like the official Facebook page to keep current with MDMN through social media.


MDMN Price/Money Flow Divergence Signaling Bullish Reversal

One of the more reliable signals that chartists and traders use for identifying potential trend tops and bottoms and telegraphing a high probability market turning point is divergence between share price and momentum. Momentum is commonly measured using the MACD, Stochastics and RSI indicators. What Is MFI? Another reliable, but less commonly used indicator is the Money Flow Index (MFI) which is essentially RSI with a volume-weighted component baked into the formula. MFI essentially measures buying pressure when it is rising and selling pressure when it falls. As such, when buying pressure is increasing (MFI rising), but the share price is falling, this is a divergence condition that indicates that there is stealth accumulation occurring. At some point the accumulation and buying pressure will be reflected in the share price, particularly when volume starts increasing and pushing the share price higher. Ideally the best time for investors to take advantage of this market tell of a reversal condition is when the MFI has hit an oversold condition (<20). As indicated in the daily chart annotated below, MDMN’s MFI hit oversold conditions in the first week of September. Past MFI/Price Divergence in MDMN To best illustrate the predictive properties of Price/Momentum divergence in MDMN, we can look back to last Spring when MDMN was trading down below .04. For 2 1/2 months from mid-February to late April, the share price slowly and methodically traded downward with lower lows and lower highs, much to shareholders’ chagrin. However, during that same time period, […]


AURYN Ahead of Schedule – News, Drilling, Etc.

AURYN Mining Chile seems to be ahead of their initially announced schedule. Per the most recent news release, the drill rigs should be on Lipangue and turning beginning the week of September 22, 2014. Here is the first drill right to be used. News is starting to get out into the media as published a nice article about the upcoming drill program.