Welcome to the MDMN Blog

Welcome to the MDMN Blog

MDMN Blog provides investor due diligence and commentary regarding Medinah Minerals.

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AURYN Ahead of Schedule – News, Drilling, Etc.

AURYN Mining Chile seems to be ahead of their initially announced schedule. Per the most recent news release, the drill rigs should be on Lipangue and turning beginning the week of September 22, 2014. Here is the first drill right to be used. News is starting to get out into the media as published a nice article about the upcoming drill program.

MDMN Monthly

MDMN Posts 4th Consecutive Green Month

With July 2014 in the books and MDMN’s share price closing just about at the high of the day (and the month) at .1049, the monthly candle forms a bullish technical scenario heading into August and marks the first time since October 2005 that MDMN strung together 4 straight green monthly closes. This 4-month run obviously solidifies the MDMN’s long term technical reversal as the stock logs in higher highs and higher lows coming off of the 1-2-3 Reversal Pattern that we’ve been highlighting for the past few months.


Assay of copper ore at LDM/NUOCO

Medinah has posted the most recent geologist’s assay of copper ore from the LDM/NUOCO mine. The ore is being shipped to the Til Til mill for processing. Cornhuskergold from The Mining Play forum writes the following: The report of 5.3% copper is fantastic. Big open pit mines mine stuff from 0.25% and up. Something like 1% or 1.5% is considered “high grade”. See Nevada Copper who is literally constructing a 2100 ft deep vertical shaft to get at a 35Mt pile of copper ore that is “high grade” averaging 1.5% (